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cancellation policy

cancellations accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled service. i understand things happen, please be mindful when cancelling......

What The Hair Is Going On With Deana!?!?

3023 Johnson ST NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 US

(612) 749-4205


monday - saturday: 9am-9pm

sunday: sometimes!


new look, same place!

where is the salon?!?!

yes, this is my house! but fret not, you won't be sitting at the kitchen table! come on around the back of the house, the salon door is located on the SE side of the house.

where do i park?!?!

parking is available on Johnson Street, but if you are worried about parking on the street, feel free to come around back. there is a large "L" shaped driveway for you to park in! 

 i accept cash, checks, venmo, apple pay and all major credit cards.